ACT/College Preparation

amani safadi

Among college bound students the ACT and SAT are a source of great stress. Many students, like junior Liesel Reussner, are studying hard and paying a ton of money to pass one important test.

    “I took a study preparation class in Kansas City one on one.” Reussner said.
    Just taking a preparation class, buying all the books and doing basic studying can cost over $500. What a lot of students don’t know, is that some colleges aren’t even requiring an ACT score anymore. There are 815 colleges in the United States that do not look at test scores and many of them are highly selective and amongst the nation’s best schools. Sarah Lawrence College is an example. 

    They feel the ACT is not an accurate representation of a student’s intelligence and success, so in their admissions process they focus on grades, extra curricular activities and writing samples.
    “Yeah, i mean it’s a standardized test, but i don’t think [College admissions] should only be based on the ACT,” junior Jessica Devlin said.  
   While some schools are trending toward not requiring ACT’s the counselors recommend students should study hard and take their ACT’s because most schools still require them.
    “That’s news to me, but yeah i guess some of the private schools are looking at other criteria, but just a few schools do that, not very many.” Mr. Fredricks said.
 Basically every student has a different opinion on the subject, some think the ACT scores should be eliminated, while others think it’s an important test to see how far you’ve come as a high school student.

    If they are still interested in a school that requires the ACT, sophomore Nora Elbayoumy had some helpful tips.
    “Definitely prepare before hand, especially math because a lot of math that’s on there is basic Algebra that we haven’t done in a while, so reviewing that is always good. Also don’t stress yourself out right before the test, because you tend to run out of time.” 
    As far how to apply for college, the procedures are much simpler than they used to be. All they have to do is go on the internet, pick those schools they like the most, follow the school’s process on how to fill out the applications and submit all the necessary documents that the school requires. Having said that, once they get down to applying they will find that some of the requirements take some time to fill out.
    [The application process] really sucks, which I was not expecting,” senior Spencer Chestnut said. “It’s really long, has a lot of essays and a lot of different kinds of applications for scholarships and such, so yeah it’s no fun.”
    Spencer also talked about the schools he applied for and how the application process varied. For example, for those top notch school’s like Harvard and Yale they need to fill out a lot of things and do a lot of different essays, but for KU all they really need is basic information. No matter where they are applying, just remember to work hard and definitely don’t stress.