Enchi-lotta Love

amani safadi and allison morte

This isn’t the typical article for Valentine’s Day. This year the Free Press decided to set two people up on a date at El Mezcal. The student body chose one male and one female from an original 12 candidates.  It truly was a blind date as the winners, Natalie Edmondson and Anton Bovin had never met eachother.  It was also the first date for both of them.  Although a potentially awkward situation, the date seemed to go fairly well and even ended in a goodbye hug.  Here are Natalie and Anton’s perspectives on what went on:
1.How well do you know this person?
Natalie: “I’ve never met him in my life, actually.”
Anton: “I don’t know her.”
2. Are you excited to go on this date?
Natalie: “Um, kind of nervous.”
Anton: “Apprehensive I suppose, and a little confused. It’ll be interesting.”
3. Will you be nervous?
Natalie: No answer.
Anton: “No. I don’t think… this is gonna sound cynical but I don’t think it’s really a good reason to get nervous.”
4. Do you think you would ever be interested in actually dating this person?
Natalie: “Um, well, probably not ’cause I’ve never met him before.”
Anton: “I don’t know her, so we shall see.”
5. Is this your first date?
Natalie: “ Yes it is, actually.
Anton:  “Uh, yes actually.”
6. What would you want your first date to be like?
Natalie: “Umm, romantic and cute, I guess.”
Anton: ” Peaceful.”
7. Do you consider yourself picky when it comes to dating?
Natalie: ” Mmmm, not really.  Not if they’re nice I guess.”
Anton: “Hmm no.”
8. What did you think when we first asked you to do this? What was your reaction?
Natalie: “I was kinda excited and then scared and then nervous.”
Anton: “Why, how was I picked for this? Umm, I thought it would be exciting.”
9. How well do you know the other people on the list?
Natalie: “I don’t know what guys were on it, actually.”
Anton: “I didn’t look at the males. I know Kristina Van Anne, but I haven’t met the others.”
10. Who did you most want to win?
Natalie: “Well, who were they? [I’d pick] Preston Newsome most definitely.”
Anton: “I don’t know, I didn’t really have an opinion given that I don’t know most of them.”
11. Would you have ever gone on a date normally?
Natalie: No answer.
Anton: “I don’t know. I probably would not have met her. “
Post date questions:
1. What was your perspective on the date?
Natalie: It was good. It was kind of awkward at first but then we got into conversation, but it was more like a bunch of small talk.
Anton:  It was fun. Yeah.
2. Was it fun?
Natalie: Yeah it was.  It was a good experience.
3. What did the person do right on the date? What did the person do wrong?
Natalie: He did eye contact with me and kept the conversation going.  Um, he wasn’t hungry.
Anton:  Umm..hmm. She talked.  Umm, I think that’s all you can do right really.  No, I don’t know. Uh, given my vast experience, I don’t believe that there was anything wrong.
4. After meeting this person you want to go on another date with them? Why?
Natalie: Well probably… I don’t know what to say. Probably not, because we’re not really the same at all.
Anton:  Um, I don’t know.  It’s hard to decide.  I’m not really ready to commit to anything.  Maybe, maybe not.
5. After meeting them, were they what you expected?
Natalie: Uh, no.  I had no idea what to expect.  But he was cool. He was nice.
Anton:  Um, well, it went better than I expected so, yes, I suppose yes.
6. If you didn’t want to go out with him, would you want to be friends?
Natalie: Yeah definitely.  Being friends is good.
Anton:  Mm.  I don’t hang out much.  Umm, maybe friends.  Associates.
7. Was this what you wanted from a first date?
Natalie: Of course.  Everything and more.
Anton: No answer.
8. Did you think it was a good date or a bad date? Why?
Natalie: It was definitely a good date.
Anton: Good. Uh, good on my entire scale of good dates.  Uh yeah, it was fun.
9. Were there any awkward moments?
Natalie: Yes, a lot of them, but we pushed through them.
Anton: Uh, well, yeah.  Sometimes I found myself with nothing to say and she carried the conversation; sometimes it went the other way I think.
10. What did you talk about?
Natalie: Well, first we talked about school and Encore and, oh, he can do this cool quarter trick with his hands.  Then he taught me how to do it.
Anton: Oh, movies, school, uh mostly school because we don’t really know each other, Chicago, universities, uh yeah.
11. Did you learn anything interesting about this person?
Natalie: Yeah, he’s really, really smart.
Anton: Maybe.  I don’t know.  I don’t remember my conversations.  She’s a nice person.
12. Do you have anything in common? How are you different?
Natalie: Nope.  Well, he’s really smart.  And I’m bubbly and he’s really laid-back.
Anton: We both like Chicago.  Uh, Mexican food I supppose.  And I don’t eat here much, I don’t like El Mezcal but I don’t know, more or less.  Well, I’m a guy.  We didn’t really talk enough to find many differences.  Oh yeah, I can eat a lemon.