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February concert schedule

February concert schedule

February 12, 2015

Review: Eleanor & Park

Maria Carrasco, Print Managing Editor

November 20, 2014

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

At a camp I went to this year, someone posed the question: “Who is your fictional dream boy?” Girls around me screamed, “Augustus Waters!” or, “Edward Cullen!” I replied with “Holden Caulfield.” See, I’ve...

iPhone 6 review

Ryan Liston, Online Editor-in-Chief

November 4, 2014

Filed under Entertainment

On Friday, Sept. 19, I ripped open a package I received in the mail. Inside I found my new iPhone 6, the one I had anxiously awaited since last December when I dropped my iPhone 4 on my stairs, shattering the screen and ultimately...

One-Sided Pride

Maria Carrasco, Copy Editor

March 12, 2014

Filed under Opinion, The Spotlight, Top Stories

Imagine being told to “put your weave back on” in front of the entire school just because that is a stereotype for your race. Imagine being told you don't belong in the United States because you weren't born there. Imagine bein...

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