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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Facebook

In this day and age, experts and adults alike say teenagers are losing their face-to-face communication skills because of Facebook and other social networking sites.

Failure to communicate isn’t the only complaint, though. Fights are fought out via status’s so that all 986 Facebook friends know exactly what is going on, people are dumped through chat and messages and boyfriends are writing wall posts on their girlfriend’s profile that make everyone else want to vomit. Some say people are putting too much information up on Facebook and are using it to avoid difficult situations.

“I had a boyfriend and I thought things were going well, but then I got home and opened up my Facebook and there was a message and it was from him. It started out bad and then ended in him dumping me,” junior Kitty Tootle said. “It would have been nice for him to do it in person and talk to me about it first.”

Even when break ups are not handled on Facebook, the reactions can be expressed inappropriately through status updates.

“I broke up with my girlfriend who I had been dating for quite awhile,” senior Nolan Frank said. “I was expecting a vague status such as ‘I’m sad’. I was not expecting ‘f— you, Nolan Frank’. It led to a lot of comments from people who didn’t like me but those negative comments led to comments from my friends sticking up for me.”

It’s not only the content of the posts, but also their length that seem to cause controversy.

“When people have entire novel length wall posts or they post 200 [Photo Booth] pictures of just themselves, I think it’s a little excessive,” senior Kerian Thompson said.

Small and insignificant situations can be blown up into a bigger deal than they actually are if shared on Facebook.

“My friend Kathy and I got into a fake fight on Facebook and were changing our status’s to mean things about each other jokingly and people freaked out because they thought it was real,” sophomore Jacob Spain said.

The main thing to keep in mind when logged onto Facebook is discretion. When posting a status update try to remember how many people are going to be able to read it and how it could potentially affect them. Also, what kinds of things need to be put in a message instead of a wall post because it is TMI. And, lastly, even if handling something over Face

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