New Technology Taking Over

kimberly messineo, reporter

From typewriters to computers, tape players to iTunes and postage mail to instant messages, the world has made many advancements in technology.

Even in a school community, the technology advancements are obvious. Just a few years ago, students could find a VHS player and old movies to be used for learning.

This year, a technological addition that has been installed are the smart boards. Students can see them in any math classroom they walk into.

“With our math teachers traveling from classroom to classroom, we decided to put them in all ten classes.” said Principal Ed West.

Smart boards help students like they help teachers.

“They can help kids understand and make learning the material fun,”  junior Leah Gruber said. “Sometimes we use it to review for tests.”

Math teachers aren’t the only people who are getting new technological items. Apple iPads have been approved to be purchased for use in career tech ed and English classes. They will be integrated into lessons for the students.

Once teachers become used to the features of the iPads, the goal is to be able to have students using them in activities for learning and involvement.

Principal Ed West is hoping to create a better connection with students and their use of technology into the school day.

“Our goal is to be able to allow [students] to stay plugged in when they get to school,” West said. “To use in school the [cell phones, iPods, etc.] that they turn on as soon as they walk out the door, or during lunch and under desks during class.”

Technology departments for the district have even been looking into tablets for students. The three main concerns are cost, maintenance and security.

Checking out tablets to students each year, there would be needed maintenance and security to take care of. Tech support staff might have to be increased.

Since the district would buy the tablets in bulk, it would be as if they bought a couple new sets of textbooks for the students.

“Technology is moving so fast that we research things and by then something better has come along,” West said.

As the years go by and students become more ‘plugged in’ during the school day, learning may or may not become easier.

“Technology can be very distracting, and kids might not pay attention. On the other hand though, technology can be a great way to learn,” said Gruber.

Regardless of people’s opinions, technology is out there and it’s becoming a part of many people’s everyday lives.

Like sophomore Jackson Schneider said, “Technology is out there, and as it advances it can make school more fun and easier to learn.”