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Instagram summer @samanthagrinage @alyssahicks

German teenagers surround Samantha Grinage.

ryan liston, co-online editor in chief

August 26, 2013

@samanthagrinage: Stepping off the plane in Germany, junior Samantha Grinage didn’t know what to expect. Upon arriving in Eutin, she was still unsure. “Eutin at first was really small,” Grinage said, “And I was like, ‘Maybe if you stayed here to live, it might get a little bit boring,’ ....

Instagram summer @lawrencechen

kenneth palmer, reporter

August 26, 2013

Senior Lawrence Chen travelled to Taiwan this summer, but not to revel in the scenic mountain views. He instead journeyed across the world to teach English. The small island off of mainland China mandates English language courses throughout elementary school in an attempt to encourage multilingualism....

Instagram Summer @garrettfrank

Instagram Summer @garrettfrank

becca moran, reporter

August 26, 2013

Beautiful and within driving distance, Colorado is a popular destination for many Kansans. On July 24, seniors Josh Hodge, Garrett Frank, Carl Hoppe and recently graduated Caleb Francis loaded up a car and began the eight hour drive to scenic state. The four went to climb Mount of the Holy Cross, a 14...

Vampire Weekend

Photo by Joe McCabe,

Maria Carrasco, Social Media Editor

August 24, 2013

New York City’s own indie rock band takes the stage on Tuesday, Oct 8, at the Midland Theater with opening act, Sky Ferreira. Made up of lead singer Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Tomson and Chris Baio, the buildup for the show is huge. As one of America’s top indie rock bands, their latest album Modern Vampires of the City topped ...

My Week in the Wilderness

sarah whipple, design editor

August 23, 2013

Six months ago, I received a small forest of college mail, all advertising how the Princeton Review ranks their college as a top liberal arts school or how their 200-plus clubs make them have a diverse student body. Now, this isn't atypical these days, but beneath all the generic letters with the pho...

Headlines of Summer

kyra haas, online co-editor-in-chief

August 22, 2013

An abundance of big news headlines swarmed throughout the media the past few months. Click on an event below to see a link to a story with more information on the specific summertime event. Summer Timeline Headlines of Summer on Dipity. ...

Movie Review: “Food Inc.”

photo by: mag3737

kerrie leinmiller-renick

March 28, 2013

If you are a food nut, do not see this movie. If you like what you eat, do not see this movie. If you do not like the truth, do not see this movie.   From Upton Sinclair’s novel, “The Jungle,” to McDonald’s assembly line food chain, the American habits of consuming food have definite...

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

sarah lieberman, reporter

February 28, 2013

Last year sophomore Alison Prather filled in the bubbles on her Matchmaker form and turned it in with minimal expectation. A few days after Valentine’s Day, Prather logged onto Facebook to find a message from her number one. High school relationships are typecast as being awkward and timid. However,...

Compare and Contrast: Romantic Comedies

Picture by mag3737

kerrie leinmiller-renick

February 27, 2013

American Film Institute (AFI) top 10 Romantic Comedies: 1.City Lights 1931 Charlie Chaplin in his classic duck step falling for a blind flower girl. 2.Annie Hall 1977 The nervous romance directed by Woody Allen with his significant other while they define their relationship. 3.It Happened One Nig...

“The Bachelor” Watch Party

kimberly messineo, reporter

February 19, 2013

Some people have parties to watch sports. Some people have parties to celebrate holidays. And some people have parties to watch television shows and eat cake with a man’s face on it. Junior Bailey Sullivan is one of those people. Every Monday night since the second season of “The Bachelor” started,...

Future of Music

Out of 113 Free State students their preferences are shown above

ryan liston, reporter

January 24, 2013

Music is an art that is as old as anyone can remember, yet it never stays the same. Along with the sound, the business also has changed in the music world. Junior Evan Barnes attributes some of the change to technological advancements. “It’s definitely a game changer with the technology...

“Wreck-It Ralph” and “Silver Linings Playbook”

photo credit to NotoriousJEN

kerrie leinmiller-renick, reporter

January 22, 2013

"Wreck-It Ralph"= chocolate cake Disney/Pixar has a way of making adults laugh while entertaining everyone at the same time. Wreck-It Ralph gives the movie goer a huge slice of chocolate cake. The cake may be nothing entirely substantial; but the viewer will take away a good attitude. Don’t confus...

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